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Efficiently manage incoming calls during designated business hours, reduce missed calls, and enhance overall call handling effectiveness.
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The most useful telephony automation service for any business. We are extremely satisfied with everything the system has to offer. The program is simple and user-friendly, with no unnecessary clutter.
Sales Executive at FRESCO
At work, everything is simple – call recordings are always at hand, and there are no issues with listening and gathering cases for further analysis. Manager support is top-notch, and whenever questions arise, we receive prompt responses.
Customer Service Manager at 21vek
As the company grows, there is no need for additional complex configurations; simply purchasing the required number of SIM cards is sufficient. New employees quickly integrate into the company's processes.
Implementation Specialist from Hoster
It's worth noting their customer support — it truly is a support service that efficiently and swiftly resolves your technical inquiries. I highly recommend using SipSim's services to enhance your business. It's simple, straight forward, and beneficial.
ATCG group manager
Simple navigation in the personal account, and we easily set up CRM integration in just a few clicks. Operators can make calls from anywhere in the country, without being tied to the office. To save operators' time on manual dialing, we installed an application that allows us to make calls with just a click.
Marketing Specialist at Creator Inc
We promptly resolved the issue with 'smart' routing and made adjustments to tailor it to our needs. Additionally, we want to acknowledge their high level of professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise in their respective field.
Technical Specialist at Legion
Full implementation and integration with the CRM system happen quickly, and companies do not need to spend a large sum of money upfront on purchasing additional equipment and internet connectivity.
Co-owner of TRUST
We connected the telephony within 2 days. Replaced stationary IP phones with mobile ones and set up integration with the CRM system. After that, our employees were able to work remotely – they just needed to take their mobile phones home.
Managing Director at ROBOLAB
I am extremely satisfied with the service team and their dedication to their work; they provide support 24/7. The product is versatile, helping us quickly optimize the work of the call center and other departments. It also serves as an excellent marketing tool. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
Head of marketing department KingStyle

Prove Your Acessability with SipSim.

Keep business processes going wherever you are.

Business Hours

Set specific business hours to manage call availability and ensure calls are attended to during designated working hours.

Work on the Go

Forget about searching for strong wi-fi connection or going to fixed workplace. Save your business processes wherewer you are with SipSim.


Enable one-click calling directly from your CRM, website, or other platforms to streamline call initiation and improve call efficiency.

Call Transfer

Easily transfer calls to the right person or department for quick resolution or escalation of customer inquiries.
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The Largest Mobile Operators Support

We provide corporate network backed by the largest mobile operators: Orange S.A., Transatel, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

The Largest Mobile Operators Support

We provide corporate network backed by the largest mobile operators: Orange S.A., Transatel, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

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How can I set up working hours for my phone?
You can configure all working hour settings in your personal account. You have the option to choose the working hours and days of the week when your phone should receive calls from customers.
What happens to calls received during non-working hours?
All calls will be displayed in your personal account and forwarded to the CRM system. When a customer calls, an automatic voice message will inform them that they have called during non-working hours and provide the option to leave a voicemail or wait for a callback.
Do I need to have an audio recording ready?
You can upload a file or use built-in AI text to speech tool to set greetings for all your clients who call corporate number.
Can I change my settings later?
Of course, all settings are managed through your personal online account and can be changed at any time. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to do so quickly and without the need for additional specialists.
What do I need to connect SIPSIM?
Just register on the site, connect the required number of phone numbers, or transfer your SIM card to the SIPSIM network in a few clicks.

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Consolidate your current mobiles, order new SIM cards when your team grows or connect eSim to existing devices.